Trombonist, Author, Composer, Educator, Entrepreneur

Presentation Topics

All of my presentations are interactive and use a blend of facts, humor, playing demonstrations, and multimedia resources in order to keep everyone engaged. Following are presentations I have delivered many times, but I am always happy to tailor a presentation for your particular needs – just ask!

The Accidental Entrepreneur

This presentation tells the story of how I started Mountain Peak Music including tips on starting a business, marketing, business structure, and much more.

12794573_10208878937038573_9168076523768295878_nAn Introduction to Body Mapping for Musicians

In this talk, participants learn the basics of Body Mapping, including how to improve one’s musical technique by incorporating accurate anatomical details. The focus of this presentation is to learn the truth about how we move in order to stay healthy and become more efficient.

Innovative Approaches to Trombone Playing

This session provides trombonists with new and effective ways to approach slide technique, breathing, articulation, and other important techniques.

Breathing for Musicians

Many musicians have misconceptions about breathing; this discussion presents in-depth factual information about breathing in order to improve playing or singing technique.

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