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When David Vining asked me to write a few words of testimony on his web page, I knew that I would have no shortage of words to describe David’s positive effects on my playing and my outlook on life. David Vining is no stranger to the world of trombone playing and teaching, as a multitude of his students will testify. His many publications on the art and technicality on brass playing (I personally own them all!) have given guidance to many brass players. My favorites are the “Flow Studies” and “Range Songs”. What a help these have been to me!

A year or so ago, I came to Dave with problems in my playing which I thought could never be solved. I was ready to quit. We arranged a Skype lesson. When David first appeared on my computer screen, I was taken with his infectious smile and jovial manner. It put me at ease right from the start of my lesson. After playing some things, Dave addressed a few issues he picked up in my playing, but he also made me realize that those heavy problems, which had weighed me down, weren’t that heavy at all. He showed me ways to work on them and kindly sent me on my way with a smile on my face. Recently I have had another Skype lesson with Dave with similar results.

Oops, I guess I have exceeded my few words I was asked to offer, but suffice it to say that David Vining’s teaching methods and his personality are extraordinary. Kudos and thanks to David for putting my playing back on track. I can recommend contacting Dave to any serious player who may be dealing with problems in their playing.

Jim Ryon, Hanover, PA

I truly appreciate the targeted books David Vining and Mountain Peak Music publish.

The first book I bought was the Basic Routines for Bass Trombone. What a great variety of routines to use in practice. It also is a fantastic rotation to work on my strengths and areas to develop. It also provides a quantifiable system that aides in goal setting.

I recently purchased the Breathing Book and Flow Studies for Bass Trombone. The hope was to help relax my slide technique, I was feeling some pain in my arm and shoulder and was looking for some help with this…Flow Studies has definitely impacted my slide technique in accuracy and in enjoyment! I like the slow/medium/fast etudes and how they rotate each day of the week. I can combine scale work along with the Flow Studies.

Thank You and am looking forward to more titles from Mountain Peak Music!

John Ohnstad, Freelance Bass Trombonist, Portland, OR

Well, I’ve always been a good player, but after a masterclass and one lesson with Dave I went from struggling to hit two Cs above the staff to being able to play a nice triple F everyday. His breathing has changed things that no other teacher has been able to change. He really reminds me of what Arnold Jacobs would be if I would’ve been if I would’ve been around in his era. I’m a tuba player, but my lesson with Dave is still probably the most helpful I have EVER had. For reference I’ve had lesson/masterclass sessions with Warren Deck, Perantoni, Zerkel, and many other big names. He is absolutely wonderful, and the best part is a lot of his teachings are on YouTube! I highly recommend Dave and everything he has to offer.

Zac Riley, Green Hill, AL

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