dr-tt-small100When I first started teaching at the college level, I used to jot down ideas on scraps of manuscript paper and hand them to students. “Here – try this!,” I would blurt, thrusting a lip slur or some such exercise in their direction. I felt like a mad scientist, coming up with idea after idea – the students were both amused and confused!

I finally decided to collect these ideas and organize them – that’s when Daily Routines was born. In fact, the organization may be the most important innovation behind this book. I devised skill categories that I thought were important to play every day, and by doing this, ensuring that at least every fundamental was touched on every day, even if for just a short time.

Turns out, Daily Routines must have hit a nerve with trombone players – it remains one of our best sellers to date. I am proud of the fact that it is extremely challenging and I believe I have contributed in some small way to raising the bar for trombone technique.

It soon became obvious that this title would make a great franchise, so we came out with editions for Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium and Tuba.

daily-routines-for-the-student-trombone-player-web-new100Not only that, I decided to make a simpler version to appeal to younger players. It’s so difficult to get them to practice fundamentals in any sort of systematic way…here is what I think is a pretty good answer – Daily Routines, Student Edition. Also available in editions for Horn, Trumpet, Euphonium and Tuba.